What About Bob?

Wholeshot was born out of a spark of interest in the fast-paced action of Motocross Racing.  I am not a rider, and have never been around motocross until now. My daughter and BFF have friends and relatives who live and breath motocross, and would occasionally shoot the boys at the track.  One thing led to another, and Wholeshot was born.  

I have always had a passion for athletic expression.  There is something inherently pure about pushing the human body to it's limits in any sport.  Motocross is a great example of man and machine coming together to form that expression.  I thoroughly enjoy the competition and family atmosphere that surrounds motocross, and learn more about it every outing.  .

Bob is happily married to his wife Kerry, and proud father of an aspiring artist daughter, Whitley.  


All images you find on here are the intellectual property of Bob Guere and Wholeshot Photography.  Please contact bretweir @ wholeshotphoto.com for information about commercial licencing opportunities.