Central Valley Series Opener

How hot is too hot?  Well, I think 109 degrees might be right at my limit.  I spent almost 4 hours at Cal City MX (CCMX) this Sunday for the opener in the Central Valley Series.  Six bottles of water, three gatorades and one diet coke.  Still dehydrated.  I won't say I work harder than those riding, but I do stay on the track longer.  I feel for the flag team as they don't get to leave and hide in an air conditioned trailer for a few minutes every other race.  

I love shooting at CCMX.  Sure, it's my hometown track, and I've shot here more than anywhere.  But I love the compact layout (John and Inge would certainly like more land!) that let's me get all over the track during a race.  Compare it to larger tracks like LACR, Pala, Glen Helen, etc. and I just can't hoof it from one sweet spot to another all within one race.  At CCMX, I generally take a route to cross the four main drags.  That means I can cover the start/holeshot and then get to the middle and back for both doubles almost within a lap of the leader, but certainly before the completion of the second lap.  This gives me great latitude on shot coverage.  

There are those who criticize John's track conditions.  I don't ride, so I can't say what my opinion is.  All I know is; deep soft dirt makes for great pictures.  There will always be critics and for every critic there are two who love CCMX.  John, Inge and the boys always have the track ready to go for practice or race, and I love the family atmosphere at their track.  It'll be my go-to for a long time.  

This week also was the launch of my new website (you're here!) and my testing of for-purchase digital downloads.  You all should know it's a difficult decision to not provide free images.  However, I want this to grow as a business and finding a product line that is in-demand, affordable and profitable will be challenging.  So I encourage your honest feedback.  Tell me what you'd be willing to pay for, what you like/dislike about prints?  Would you pay for digital files that had no logo?  Would you pay more for a file if it had no logo?  FYI - I tried to price my files so a rider/family could find the 3-5 files of them in my gallery and be able to pick up all the files for less than $10.  Some riders will have more images to choose from, some less, that's just part of the fun of trying to get good images.  But generally if I have keepers of you, there's more than one.  So give me your thoughts?  Comment below and submit your responses, I really will try to accommodate what the demand is.  

I'll be out at LACR next weekend (30th) for the next SoCal Series Race.  Hopefully it won't be 110 degrees!  See you out there!

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